Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an end-to-end business management cloud platform. It integrates familiar and easy-to-use modules and Apps.

Dynamics 365 system fully answers all modern business needs:

  • Improve your business processes with integrated ERP. For your choice, utilize Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations or Business Central. Discover the differences.
  • Manage customers with the Customer Engagement module. Use this powerful CRM solution for an efficient sales boost. 
  • Gain better data-driven business insights. For this, use a versatile business analytics solution Power BI.
  • Facilitate your office work with Office 365.
  • Enjoy an endless choice of Apps for micro-industries and tasks. Find more on the Appsource. 

Common innovative platform Dynamics 365 ensures the integrity and smooth information flow in your company. It also delivers visual reports through interactive, real-time dashboards and analytics.

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One system for all your needs

No wasting your time looking for different systems or solutions. No nerves negotiating with numerous deployers or partners. No worry about integrations or upgrades. No losing your data. No limiting your employees to working at fixed desks.

Customers, Products, People, and Data – connected and ready

With Dynamics 365, you will get everything you need. Flawlessly, manage your business in one innovative platform:

Access your business anywhere, anytime

Internet-based functions provide unlimited opportunities. For instance, you can access your business data and back-office functions from any place and on any device. The only thing you need is an internet connection.

Pay for what you use

Using the online version, you will only pay for the number of users who worked online particular month.

Simple maintenance

The system is updated automatically. All you need to do is confirm the update pop up notifications when required. There is no need to wait for new versions. Nor spend your time buying licences or update your software.

Self-service customization

Create your unique user interface. Use handy dashboards, set favorite colors and other customizable features.

Agile and flexible

Start with a basic set and grow according to your needs. Because Dynamics 365 is a flexible system. Simply purchase the apps which meet your need best. Then, create your own application.

One system for all business needs

Dynamics 365 is a simple system with integrated applications. Cover all the important business processes. Use well-known and handy features. For example, improve your customer engagement and drive sales with CRM. Or optimize your business processes with ERP. Gain better business insights with Power BI. Facilitate the office work with Office 365.

Explore Dynamics 365

Integrated enterprise-class business platform for mature, growing, ERP-educated companies. Use it to connect and optimize your back-office, supply chain, and other core business operations. Read more >>

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Manage your finances, sales, service, and operations with an all-in-one solution. An excellent choice for businesses that have outgrown their entry-level accounting software.

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Target the right buyers, run multi-channel campaigns, and increase sales-ready leads.

Prioritize the right prospects, build relationships, and increase sales.

Help your agents and technicians exceed customer expectations.

Hire top talent, set employees up for success, and improve HR management.

Make more informed decisions by applying AI to your data.

Overlay digital content in real-world business scenarios for greater efficiency and teamwork.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers 16.97 for every dollar spent.

85% of CEOs admitted that the key to profit growth was their CFOs' ability to gather and analyze data.