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Availability of IT resources, especially developers have become a huge modern business challenge. Hence, high demand and scarce resources make hiring process extremely difficult. Also, it’s time-consuming and expensive. More and more companies hire the developers as per need.

It might save tons of time and nerves of the HR workers, as well as the company’s money. Particularly, “renting” developers is becoming popular. So, many company heads tend to discuss the benefits of such a way of employment. Answering this trend, GO-ERP has established a department of Dynamics 365 development services. As a result, we are successfully outsourcing the development services for almost 7 years.

Not sure whether to hire on-site or outsource? Learn about the specifics in our article.

Complete range of Dynamics 365 development services

Our team consists of more than 30 Microsoft certified developers. Therefore, you will get a complete range of Dynamics 365 development services. Together, we are ready to expand the capacities of your IT department efficiently and sustainably.

Your advantages from our cooperation

Instantly adjust to changing conditions and market trends, getting:

  • Expert level know-how without bearing the high recruitment costs.
  • Better flexibility for executing additional projects.
  • High-quality services for an affordable price, off-shore, and nearshore.
  • The team scaled up or down according to the project’s changing needs.
  • Specific and niche Dynamics 365 development competencies and responsibilities.

Expand your IT resources flexibly

High-skilled certified project managers, solution architects, 30+ developers make our team. So, choose the best expertise and knowledge combination for your company.


Scale up the staff resources according to your needs

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