Innovative business platform Dynamics 365 becomes a “number one” choice for advanced intelligent companies in leading industries worldwide

Enriched with the industry-specific solutions and tools, Dynamics 365 empowers gaining greater customer insights and responding faster to market opportunities. Furthermore, it improves operational efficiency and delivers excellent customer service. Explore strategic Dynamics 365 industries we work with.

Our Dynamics 365 industries


Improve productivity, provide greater transparency, drive business growth rapidly with Dynamics 365 in manufacturing. Innovative Microsoft platform supports approx 95 percent of manufacturing functionality. Today,

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Distribution & Logistics

To stay competitive in the distribution business, you need to overcome your industry challenges. Particularly, you must predict market changes and respond to them immediately

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Trade & Commodities

We believe that Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX is the best ERP system for the companies that have ambitions to be among the successful leaders in the

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Find your competitive edge by accelerating innovation with Dynamics 365.

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